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Social Media matters

Social media is the largest resource for gaining insight into Japanese consumer behaviour. By measuring conversations on social media and the sites and resources that Japanese are viewing and sharing we can better understand the needs and concerns of consumers and build a clear picture of the market that you do business in.

Everyone is different

Each company is different. It's therefore natural that the online conversations and resources that matter to you are different too. This is why we work as a consultancy, sitting down with our clients and helping them to tap into the most important information which will help them reach their unique targets and goals.

Full In-house Service

We offer a full in-house service. There are no complicated tools or analysis that you need to commit your staff or time to - we do it all. The end products are clear and comprehensive reports which get straight to the heart of the matter and allow you to focus on successfully running your business.


Brand Tracking

Monitor what’s being said about your brand, or even a competitor's. We track conversations, opinion and online media pertaining to any brand or product.

Promotion & Campaign Tracking

How effective is your promotion? We monitor the amount and sentiment of responses to your promotion, helping you execute your campaigns more effectively.

Trend discovery

Discover the next big thing before your competitors. We can unearth trends and find out what is going to be big before it has reached the level of popular media.

Taste Maker Discovery

Need an influential taste maker to promote your products? We show you the influential individuals in your target market and help your viral promotion campaigns.

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